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Between The Lips Of The Chrome Machine - Max Bell (1980)
Chrome - Max Bell (late 70's/early 80's)
Last Laugh Album Review - Lowlife (1989)
Nothing Wrong/The Sky Review - Lowlife (1989)
Last Laugh Album Review - Slitbreeze (1989)
Last Laugh Album Review - Unhinged Magazine (1990)
Nothing Wrong/The Sky & Last Laugh Review - Vampyroteutis Infernalis (1990)
Lactating Purple Album Review - Spin Magazine (1992)
Kiss To The Brain Album Review - Organ (1992)
Pushing The Envelope: Helios Creed's High Frequency Head Music - Option Magazine (1993)
4-25-93 Madison, WI Show Review - Internet Forum (1993)
Melody Maker Blurb - Melody Maker (1993)
London Show Review - Melody Maker (1993)
Nik Turner: Sphynx Album Review - Organ (1993)
Nik Turner - Space Ritual: 1-28-94 Show Review - Kenneth Lang (1994)
Helios Creed - Magnet (1994)
Busting Through The Van Allan Belt Album Review - Organ (1994)
Busting Through The Van Allan Belt Album Review - Saint Andreux (1994)
Baltimore Show Ad - City Paper (1994)
Planet X Album Review - Alright (1994)
Cosmic Assault Album Review - Crohinga Well (1995)
Helios Creed's Interstellar Overdrive  - Guitar Player Magazine (1996)
Show Advertisement – SF Weekly Music (1996)
Nugg The Transport Album Review - Crohinga Well (1996)
Epiphanies (Chrome Article) - Wire Magazine (2001)
Metal Machine Music: Industrial Rock Projenitor Brings His Music To Kansas - Rock Kansas (2003)
Helios Creed - Chicago Reader (2003)
The Freed Creed - Austin Chronicle (2005)
Show Advertisement - Austin Chronicle (2005)
Humorous Show Ad - SF Weekly (2006)
SXSW Picks Show Ad - Austin Chronicle (2006)
Helios Creed: Riding A Soundwave Through Time - Whoopsy Magazine (2006)
Deep Blue Love Vacuum Album Review - Arthur Magazine (2006)
Show Ad - Seattle Weekly (2008)
Q and A With Helios Creed And Damon Edge - Psych Trail Mix (2008)
Galactic Octopi Album Review - Massimo Marchini (2011)
The Return Of Helios Creed - Santa Cruz Weekly (2013)
Various Media Mentions/Reviews for Feel It Like A Scientist - (2014)
Chrome - The Story Of Pat Stevens - Chrome Box Revisited (2014)
Alien Soundtracks: The Birth Of American Spacerock - Shindig! (2014)
Kurt Cobain Plays Helios Creed's Guitar - Book Excerpt (2015)
Metal Gurus: Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves - Mojo Magazine (2017)
Chrome's Legacy of Inspired, Dystopian, Industrial Psychedelia - Queen City Sounds & Art (2018)
An Introduction to Chrome and San Francisco's 1970s Art Punk Scene - Phoenix New Times (2018)
Loving The Alienation - Salt Lake City Weekly (2018)