Date: May 29, 2014
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Venue: Primavera Festival - Vice Sound Stage

New Age
Third From The Sun
In A Dream
Fukushima Nagasaki
TV As Eyes
Zombie Warfare
March Of The Chrome Police
Danger Zone

This is the mother of all live Chrome videos - a PRO SHOT video of a full live Chrome show beginning to end!! From the Chrome European Tour 2014 - this show is from the Primavera Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Chrome blasted the many festival-goers with an onslaught of some new songs and many old Chrome classics atop the Vice Sound Stage. This is really something special - multiple cameras providing multiple angles of all the band members, of course a soundboard audio feed for amazing sound quality. The band looks totally into it, Helios very animated throughout. It doesn't get much better than this folks, a real GEM indeed! HUGE thanks to Barcelona TV for filming the entire Chrome set in such a beautiful fashion. Incredible that this happened! Check out a short montage of some different clips of this incredible video document!

Filmed By: Barcelona TV

Screen Shots: