Ok, so with the release of each Helios Creed show recording on this website, I include artwork for “jewel” cases, or simply cd cases. Now, to the average person I can see how printing these to be sized perfectly for the inserts of a cd case can be a tad confusing, and tedious. So, I hope these instructions will help you to be able to easily print the artwork for these website releases. Because, well… it just looks way COOLER and makes it a bit more special to have these housed in a nice case; you get the cool art and the track listing conveniently on the back of the case for quick reference. I try to release only shows that are decent sound quality; soundboards, exceptional audience recorded shows etc.. Anyway, I mean, come on, doesn’t this look WAY cooler than shoving the disc in a folder or something?



First off, here are the dimensions for artwork inserts standard cd case, like you see in the picture above

Cover: 4.724 x 4.724 inches OR 120 x 120 mm (I always go with mm settings)
     *Note: for a cover that features a 2 page fold it would be 9.448 x 4.724 OR you could even do 9.5 x 4.75
Back of the case (with track listing): 5.906 x 4.646 inches or 151 x 118 mm (I always go with mm settings)

Ok, now for an easy step by step set of instructions on printing the art as presented in these releases, see below:
-open folder with artwork & drag the images of the art to your desktop (for easy finding)
-open the images in an image-editing program such as GIMP (easy free tool) or even “Paint” that comes on Windows operating systems
-crop the images so that only the artwork itself is left (if needed)
-when you are going to print, navigate to "image settings" or something similarly titled and set the size to the above noted dimensions

-for standard front and back covers you can just print as-is
-for a 2-paged front cover (2 page spread), as many of the art for these releases are, you need to set the print settings to "landscape" orientation when you go in to print
*Note: adjust your printer settings prior to printing if you choose to do so (eg: raise quality from “good” to “best” etc.)
-after printing the artwork, just cut it out and then insert accordingly into the cd case
front of case you would just cut and slip it in there
*back of the case with track list has the sides extended a bit for the sides of the case (usually lists title, date etc..), for this you need to fold those as close as you can get it so that it fits nicely into the case when you snap
the piece back in