Date: November 3, 1990
Location: Enger, Germany
Venue: Forum

Great audience recording from late 1990 with this show from Germany. Guitar and vocals are nice and loud. Minimal crowd noise and an energized show with a great long setlist. I rate this right up there as one of the best Helios Creed show recordings from 1990, only second to maybe the soundboard from Gabe's Oasis in Iowa City 3-25-90, on the other hand this show has a much beefier setlist, so this show may take the cake! Oh yeah, it's also Helios' birthday at this show.


Who Cares
Some Way Out
The Dream/The Diplomat
Late Bloomer
Master Blaster
The Descent
Nirbasion Annasion
Too Bad (intro)
Too Bad
Monster Lust
TV As Eyes
Mustard Dog/Abstract Nympho
Sister Sarah
Blood Red
Johnny B. Cool
Eyes On Mars


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