Date: Circa March 1990
Location: Iowa City, IA
Venue: Gabe's Oasis

Go Blind
Off Bill
Nirbasion Annasion
Who Cares
Too Bad
Sister Sarah
TV As Eyes
Abstract Nympho
Late Bloomer
Master Blaster/Not My Town
Beef (cut)
Voodoo Chile

This is an amazing sounding soundboard recording! The guitar level is nice and loud, the vocals are loud and audible, even the drums and bass. This is good enough for an official release honestly. Off Bill is an early version of the song Neptune that would end up on Boxing The Clown. Nice setlist, it's quite a shame though that the song Beef was cut, it's an absolutely killer version of it. I got word that the guy recording it wasn't paying attention and didn't flip the tape in time! Other than that, the recording is incredible, nice and clear. We even get treated to a cover of Helios hero Jimi Hendrix at the end with an off the wall 15 minute version of Voodoo Chile!


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