Date: May 6, 1999
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Venue:  Upstairs At Nick's


Too Bad
Space Ride
Late Bloomer
The Descent
Lactating Purple
Who Cares
Blood Red
Monster Lust

Kiss To The Brain
Master Blaster
Johnny B. Cool
Leaving The Body

Really great video from the 1999 tour. Having been blessed with many great live Chrome & Helios Creed shows from my hometown city, this one is the cherry on top! Shot on a tripod camera, this video has VERY nice sound and the recorder does a great job of getting close-up shots throughout the show, as well as great full-stage shots. There's a hilarious moment where an audience member shouts "turn down the treble!" Helios replies "that's the best part, that's what keeps the yuppies out." 1999 brought out some great live versions of "Space Ride" from the "Nug The Transport" album, and "Rise" from the "Cosmic Assault" album. Blazing version of "XL-35" here! Helios is backed by Paul Della Pelle on drums, Rodney Horihata on bass, and Z Sylver on keys. Extremely enjoyable live video and a gem in the archives of live Helios Creed video recordings!

Recorded By: Bob Lennon