Date: 1983
Location: San Francisco, CA
Venue: On Broadway

Side 1:

Blood Red
Unknown Song
Unknown Song
Weird unknown Middle Eastern punk band (separate from Helios show)

Side 2:

Unknown Song
Sex Voodoo Venus
Abstract Nympho
Unknown Band

Helios very first solo show upon his departure from Chrome. He's got the Stench brothers with him. The audio quality of the recording is pretty much un-listenable! It's very scratchy and rough and kind of torture to sit through (I did it again for completion's sake for this site!). It's good to have for collector's sake since it's his first solo show, but other than that it's not something you throw on to enjoy by any means! I don't know if all tapes in circulation have this, but mine has some really weird, strange foreign band at the end of the first part of the tape, it's actually quite good, it's like a middle eastern punk/psych band or something. You can't understand what they're saying, but it's great! The end of the second side also has some weird trippy track by an unknown band, it's really good! Sorry about all the unknown songs, I guess they just never made it onto any of his records (unless it's a song I know, but it's so garbled that I can't recognize it), from what's audible they do sound pretty good!

Helios with fan Kevin Kormylo - On Broadway Circa 83'