Date: 1991
Location: Houston, TX
Venue: Unknown

Master Blaster
Some Way Out
The Dream
The Diplomat
Nirbasion Annasion
Who Cares
Monster Lust
Johhny B. Cool
Late Bloomer
Sister Sarah
TV As Eyes
Un-Human Condition
Mustard Dog
Abstract Nympho
Too Bad
Eyes On Mars

Nothing Wrong
The Sky

I received this in the mail and the only info was on the face of the disc and it just read "Helios Creed Houston 92'" Now judging by the setlist, I believe this show is most likely from the 91' tour, anyone that knows for sure please contact me. I believe this is a soundboard recording. Great show with a massively packed setlist. My biggest gripe is that Helios guitar is a tad buried in the mix, BUT that's only the first few songs, after that the guitar gets a bit louder and the recording gets much, much better! The vocals are very loud and audible throughout the recording which is cool as well. The Nothing Wrong 7" single from 89' is at the end of the cd, the songs Nothing Wrong and The Sky.

-I have received further confirmation that this show is most likely from 1991 and recorded at Emo's in Austin, TX (thanks Tracy Murillo)