Date: February 11, 1991
Location: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Kennel Club


Sister Sarah
Some Way Out
The Dream
The Diplomat
Master Blaster
Nirbasion Annasion
TV As Eyes
The Descent
Un-Human Condition
Too Bad
Who Cares
Blood Red
Late Bloomer
Mustard Dog
Abstract Nympho
Monster Lust
Johnny B. Cool
Eyes On Mars


This is the first show of a tour at the start of February of ’91. It’s filmed from the back of the club and there’s some nice close up shots as well. Helios announces that this is Paul Della Pelle’s first show as a drummer with him. Paul would go on for many more years being a drummer for Helios and is featured on some of the best Helios Creed albums recorded. Only appropriate that a few Chrome numbers a played too as the tour started here in the birth place city of Chrome.