Date: September 3, 2011
Location: Hollywood, CA
Venue: Key Club

Read Only Memory


This was a special one of a kind show with Helios improvising overtop of Chrome's "Read Only Memory" album from 1979. Helios teamed up with Jennifer Church (keyboards) to create some very interesting experimental sounds all in the true spirit of CHROME! This show was part of a tour entitled "Space Rock Invasion USA Tour" that also featured legendary space rock bands Nektar and Brainticket on the bill. Helios' bass player Lux Vibratus was playing bass with Nektar at the show. Helios looks to be enjoying himself with effects galore, and Jennifer Church complements the space-man nicely on her keyboards. Great, unique show! Thanks to Richard Migliaccio of Long Beach, CA for capturing this on video! Enjoy the full video below, in two parts.