Date: April 1990
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Venue:  Khyber Pass


Who Cares
Too Bad
Monster Lust
Abstract Nympho
TV As Eyes
Blood Red
Johnny B. Cool
Resurrection Blue
Mustard Dog
Late Bloomer


Nirbasion Annasion
Some Way Out
The Diplomat
Voodoo Chile


This video was a particularly nice find for myself. For one thing it's in my hometown of Philadelphia, and as far as this show, it's Helios first time ever playing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as he announces at the beginning! Quite a treat to find this one and add it to the archives. As far as the quality of the video itself, it's not bad at all for having been shot over 2 decades ago! The drummer has a light shining down upon him for the whole set, as far as Helios, the light sort of floats in and out onto him throughout the entire show. Sound is quite decent for an audience shot recording, especially if blared through a stereo receiver and a decent set of speakers. Nice setlist here for Helios' first time playing in Philly, and nice 5 song encore with that early long experimental version of "Voodoo Chile" as Helios covers one of his main musical inspirations Jimi Hendrix to close the set. A few clips below, the first one is a funny little exhange with Helios and the audience, and it includes Helios announcing that it's his first time playing in Philadelphia.