Date: Circa Mid-Late 1990
Location: Austin, TX
Venue:  Liberty Lunch


Nirbasion Annasion
Who Cares
Blood Red
Too Bad
Turned Around
Master Blaster
Late Bloomer
Off Bill
Resurrection Blue
Abstract Nympho


Nice little vid here from what I'm thinking is right around... I'm going with somewhere around mid 1990. Paul Della Pelle wasn't there yet on drums - he had his very first live show with Helios at the Kennel Club in San Franscico on Februaury 11, 1991 as evidenced in the video here. Nice video, decent sound, some great close-ups of Helios and the band - lots of energy in the show, Helios seems to be in a great mood even making faces and sticking his tongue out at the crowd at one point! The thing that's a shame is that it is not complete - it cuts off right around the freak-out part of Abstract Nympho - maybe that was the last song, maybe not... but a video ending before the show is over isn't very satisfying, but a nice document of one of Helios' shows in Austin, Texas during the AMREP days. Helios is always well received by the good folks of Austin, TX, and it looks like the crowd is quite enjoying the show here.