Date: Circa Late 1991/Early 1992
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: Club Lingerie


Your Spaceman
Some Way Out
The Dream
Nirbasion Annasion
Master Blaster
Late Bloomer
Lactating Purple
Ub The Wall
Modular Green


Great video footage here of an amazing live era of Helios Creed. My only gripe is that the sound could be a little better. You can't hear the vocals hardly and the drums are kind of covered under Helios' wall of noise. Overall great, short little vid here. I assume it's incomplete since the set is only like a half an hour. There's some cool footage at the end with what looks like Don Bolles from the late 70's/early 80's punk band The Germs, he's running a radio show, spinning old Chrome songs where the after show party looks to be taking place. Check out clip #2 below, you be the judge, looks like Don Bolles to me! Unfortunately, I don't have a date for this and I only know it's from Los Angeles, CA at Club Lingerie. If anyone knows an exact date for this, please drop me an e-mail.