Date: May 14, 1987
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Venue: The Mason Jar

Very nice soundboard recording here of a Helios Creed show in Phoenix, AZ - Great soundboard recording: the vocals are up front in the mix, and Helios' guitar is clearly audible, as well as the bass and drums. So this is quite the find with an early Helios show in this great of quality, straight from the board. Helios' first solo record "X-Rated Fairy Tales" had been out at this time, but he was introducing new songs that would be on his "new record," like "Too Bad" and others. It's funny at one point you can hear the club owner asking the band to "turn the volume down." Enjoy.

Who Cares
Blood Red
Too Bad
Money Man
Eyes On Mars
Mustard Dog
Abstract Nympho
Sweet Leaf

Thanks: Arthur Shane


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