Date: September 30, 2008
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: M Room

Some Way Out
The Dream
The Diplomat
The Descent
Monster Lust
Who Cares
TV As Eyes
March Of The Chrome Police
Chromosome Damage
In A Dream
Abstract Nympho
Meet You In The Subway
3rd From The Sun
Darkside Of The Sun/Sweet Leaf
Communication Breakdown 

Really nice audience recording (one of the best if I say so myself) here from the Dual Forces: Chrome and Helios Creed tour. We get the best of both worlds with half Helios Creed songs and half Chrome songs. Packed setlist and Helios seems to be in a good mood, even giving us a little history lesson on how the whole squelching guitar sound came about back in the old Chrome days. There’s even a jam of Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown” at the end! Quite a unique show and incredible sound quality.

-Recorded by me (Brent Marley)

*Just wanted to add this in addition to the above, now that I am making this available for download - This show was GREAT! And I think you will all enjoy the recording; Helios' vocals are nice and audible in the mix as well as his guitar - a very important element of a live Helios Creed recording ;-) Even Lux Vibratus' bass shines nicely along with Mr. Kali's powerful drumming... not to forget Jerry Page of the great Texas-psycho band "Crust" on keyboards as well as guitar. This is a 2 cd set, and I decided it would work out nicely putting the Helios Creed half of the set on the first cd, then the Chrome set that followed on the second CD.*

*Check out a Review of the show with photographs here*


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