Date: June 1, 2014
Location: Paris, France
Venue: Le Point Ephemere
New Age
Eyes On Mars
Fukushima Nagasaki
Something Rhythmic
3rd From The Sun
TV As Eyes/Zombie Warfare
Danger Zone
Meet You In The Subway 
This one had a a few different cameras going luckily. Over a week into the tour, the band is tight for sure!  First, the collection of videos from Karim Gabou - while not a full show video, he does capture the majority of  it and for the most part, the quality is excellent. HD videos in a sort of unique black & white shot that really  goes well with CHROME - sound is really nice too for the most part of the videos. Franck Marguin managed to film  "TV As Eyes/Zombie Warfare" from a really nice slightly side-stage shot of the band, great shot and the band is  into it! Last filmer is DE who gets one of the most unique shots ever for this tour-BEHIND the band! Where he's at, you hear
mostly Helios (guitar), and Aleph (drums), but it's almost like your sitting on the stage. He captures "Firebomb" and  "Eyes On Mars" from this vantage point.
Filmed By: Karim Gabou (various black & white HD vids), Franck Marguin (2 songs side/left), DE (behind the band shot)

 Screen Shots: