Date: March 14, 2018
Location: Seattle, WA
Venue: The Highline

**NOTE: the setlist was essentially the same for the entire tour, give or take a song added or omitted here or there. Below is the setlist that followed this tour:
New Age
TV As Eyes
Zombie Warfare
March of The Chrome Police
Danger Zone
In A Dream
Anorexic Sacrifice
Third From The Sun
Eyes on Mars
Administer The Treatment
Time Slider
The Stranger

This was the very first show in leg 1 of what would be a 2 leg FULL U.S. Chrome tour, the first in 20 years! Apparently, the guys weren't satisfied with this gig overall, but it was in fact the FIRST show of the tour. This show would be the very first time the band would perform old Chrome classic "Anorexic Sacrifice" in a live setting! The filmer has a nice spot toward the back of the club and gets some closer shots from time to time as well. Decent audio as well.