Date: September 17, 1991
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Venue:  The Shamrock


Your Spaceman
Some Way Out
The Dream
The Diplomat
Master Blaster
Nirbasion Annasion
Late Bloomer
Lactating Purple
Flying Through The Either
Ub The Wall
Modular Green
Big Bang
The Warming

This is quite possible the best live footage of Helios Creed that I have ever seen. The album "Lactating Purple" is one of my favorites from the old solo Helios Creed days when he was on Tom Hazelmeyer's Amphetamine Reptile Label, and many of the songs from "Lactating Purple" are introduced as "new" at this show. Beautiful live video, just about an hour in duration. One of the reasons that this live footage is so good is that it was shot by someone who had worked for Flipside Magazine for many years named KRK Dominguez. KRK was a photographer for Flipside for years and he just knew how to get GREAT shots! This is filmed RIGHT AT THE LIP OF THE STAGE folks, just incredible footage, mind-blowing! KRK also had a VERY expensive video camera for the time, so the sound is SUPER nice on this as well, with everything really nice and audible, including Helios' vocals and guitar! It don't get much better than this! Fuzzed-out Helios Creed during the AMREP days of old - beautiful footage, loads of close-ups, filmed right at the lip of the stage, first row - WOW!