Date: February 8, 1990
Location: Tempe, AZ
Venue: Sun Club


Who Cares
Too Bad
High Road
Not My Town
Nirbasion Annasion
Late Bloomer
Blood Red
Off Bill
Sister Sarah
Turned Around
Go Blind
Abstract Nympho
Master Blaster
TV As Eyes
Resurrection Blue


This is a nice quality video of a full show from the Boxing The Clown tour. Great shots up close to the stage of all the guys. At times the vocals could be a tad louder, but you really get to hear the squelching fuzzed out sounds of Helios guitar. The lighting is also great, so the filmer really gets some nice shots at this show. The version that I have is a fully authored DVD with some nice menus. There’s also a few unreleased songs on here with “Chet,” “High Road,” and “Off Bill” which sounds like an early version of what would become the song “Neptune” on the album Boxing The Clown.