Date: February 8, 1990
Location: Tempe, AZ
Venue: Sun Club

Who Cares
Too Bad
High Road
Not My Town
Nirbasion Annasion
Late Bloomer
Blood Red
Off Bill
Sister Sarah
Indecision (not show-spliced in piece)
Turned Around
Go Blind (new)
Abstract Nympho
H Sounds
Master Blaster
TV As Eyes
Resurrection Blue
Strange Creatures (not show-spliced in piece)

Soundboard recording here from 1990. It's good if you're a drum guy! Helios guitar is mixed very low in this soundboard recording for most of the duration, it's only at about Master Blaster that it boosts up nicely and we get a few really nice sounding soundboard recordings of songs from then on, it's a shame it kicked in near the end of the show! Now the video of this show has the audio of the guitar nice and loud, but the vocals are really low! So if someone out there who is good with this sort of stuff and can isolate the vocals from the soundboard recording and splice them into the video of the show, then we'd have a perfect video! If anyone who is good with this sort of stuff wants to take on the project, please feel free! Great loud audible vocals here though! A few unreleased songs; Chet, High Road, Not My Town and Off Bill which is actually an early version of the song "Neptune" that would end up on Boxing The Clown. Great sounding live recording of Resurrection Blue! Indecision and Strange Creatures are not the show nor Helios, they're little sound pieces from a movie or something spliced in. They work and fit nicely though!

-Go Blind introduced as new, Helios says it's the first time they ever played it