Date: October 24, 1994
Location: Houston, TX
Venue: The Abyss

Nirbasion Annasion
Master Blaster
Fire In The Head
Cosmic Assault
Kurt Zombie
Plato's Cave
First Encounter
Late Bloomer
Lactating Purple
Monster Lust
Anubis Warpus
Won't Kill Myself
Busting Through The Van Allan Belt

Great recording here from the Planet X tour. It's a tad bassey and muffled the first few songs, then it sounds like the taper gets in a better position and picks up much better sound, so the recording is much better from there on out. There's also a funny moment where Helios calls out to the audience for anyone who might happen to have a "big fat joint" for him to smoke onstage, Jimbo from Daddy Longhead obliges and then he launches into Anubis! Nice show.

-Recorded by: Tracy Murillo