Date: November 17, 2013
Location: Oakland, CA
Venue: Uptown

Helios toured with Nik Turner across the United States back in 1994 for Nik's "Space Ritual" tour performing Hawkwind songs. Well, almost 20 years later, Helios and Nik are reunited onstage for Nik's Space Ritual tour. Apparently, it was kind of a sporadic moment and Nik had invited Helios (who was attending the show) onstage while Nik performed the old Hawkwind classic "You Shouldn't Do That." Luckily someone captured this unique moment on video and snagged this song from the performance! Chrome's Lou Minatti helped Helios set up his gear, see him shuffle offstage right at the start of the video. A unique little piece of video with Nik's dancers surrounding Helios as his jams out.

Screen Shots: