Date: May 31, 2014
Location: Marseille, France
Venue: L'Embobineuse
New Age
Third From The Sun
Really nice HD footage here from the 7th show of this tour and the band is great. It's a shame that the  footage is incomplete, the entire show of this would be fantastic as the taper has a really nice spot he's  set up at. The sound is also decent on this as well - vocals nice and clear, guitar nice in the mix as well.  Again, as a collector of all videos Helios Creed/Chrome, it almost hurts that the whole show isn't here,  but I'm grateful that filmer got what he did, great stuff. Just check out that version of "Third From The Sun" in the videos below!
Filmed By: Rigeck Rodgers (from band Alpha Sequenz)

 Screen Shots: