Date: October 14, 1994
Location: Hoboken, NJ
Venue: Maxwell's

Disc 1:

Nirbasion Annasion
Master Blaster
Fire In The Head
Cosmic Assault
Kurt Zombie
Plato's Cave
First Encounter
Late Bloomer
Lactating Purple

Disc 2:

Monster Lust
Anubis Warpus
Won't Kill Myself
Busting Through The Van Allan Belt

This is a REALLY nice sounding audience recording from the Planet X tour. A nice long setlist, 2 cd's worth of material. We even get the soundcheck, which is a real nice addition. I've got the video of this show, but the audio recording is far better as far as sound quality. Again, I'll put the offer out there, if anyone is good with things like this and can splice this audio and sync it up with the DVD of the show, then we can greatly improve the video of this show! Really nice set here!

-Dogstar is introduced as the first time played live