Date: April 14, 1993
Location: Norfolk, VA
Venue: Lewis'

Nice recording promoting the "Kiss To The Brain" album. Really
decent sound quality, you can hear people talking but you can also hear the band really good as well! So it's sort of a nice live feel like you're at the show, the whole live show atmosphere. Lots of songs from Kiss To The Brain as well as others. The version of the song "Modular Green" is great on here, but unfortunately gets cut near the end. "The Federation" features Helios giving a funny little "beam me up scotty" intro. Great live version of the song "Legs" too. Decent audience recording all around here from 1993.


Nirbasion Annasion
Master Blaster
Mountain Mystery
Malavia Millennium
Throw Away The Rind
Anubis Warpus
The Federation
The Descent
Modular Green
Ub The Wall