Psychedelic Glue Sniffin' Hillbillies
By: Craig Smith
Released: 1993 (VHS)/2009 (DVD)
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Psychedelic Glue Sniffin Hillbillies, how's that for a title? This short film was created by Craig Smith originally on Super 8 film, it was sold on VHS tapes for a bit and then Craig had it beautifully, lovingly and gingerly transferred to digital format by Broadsky and Treadway (one of the best in the business for Super 8 to digital format) so that we can all have it on a nice little DVD for ourselves! BUT, Craig didn't stop there, he created a Deluxe "Super Glue" edition that is just absolutely killer! This is a strange flick to say the least, and Craig worked his ass off in getting some of the effects and things for the film. We get up close and personal with some pretty out there trailer park folk, it's all absolutely hilarious and incredibly entertaining. Any Helios Creed fan will love this because Helios Creed's music is featured throughout the film and it surely is for us acid punk, dark side psychedelic weirdo lovers! For the deluxe edition DVD, Craig made some really trippy animated menus and things, added some deleted scenes and music, and it all really beefs up the short film to full entree of psychedelic weirdness for you all to delve into and enjoy. For any Helios Creed or Butthole Surfers fan for that matter, people who are into the weirder, out there sort of dark side of psychedelia and like to laugh, you DO NOT want to miss this one! Shoot Craig and e-mail at for info on how to obtain a copy.