Date: 1990
Location: Seattle, WA
Venue: The Vogue


Go Blind
Off Bill
Nirbasion Annasion
High Road/Not My Town
Who Cares
Too Bad
Sister Sarah
TV As Eyes
Abstract Nympho
Late Bloomer
Resurrection Blue
Blood Red
Turned Around
Master Blaster


No exact date pegged for this one, but based on the setlist/lineup it's most likely early 1990, February-April or so. Not a bad video, shot side-stage for the most part with nice close-up shots. Decent lighting, so you get a nice view of all the band members. Very nice sound for a video this old.... a lot of these older video cameras seem to be able to handle loud sound a little better than some of the modern stuff - "modern equipment can't take much abuse"? Again, as usual in the 1990 sets we have those songs that were never recorded to my knowledge - well, definitely never released officially on an album, the songs being "Chet," "High Road," and "Not My Town."

-Filmed by: David Larew
Screen Shots: