Date: July 12, 2015
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: The Echoplex

This is some footage from a short West Coast tour of Chrome from summer 2015. David Yow happened to be in attendance and did guest vocals on "TV As Eyes." If you're familiar, Jesus Lizard did a little Chrome medeley of sorts by covering "TV As Eyes" and "Abstracy Nympho." Also, Flipper's Steve Depace happened to be in attendance that night and asked Yow if he wanted to fill in for Bruce Loose whose back issues have caused him to ultimately end his time in Flipper. Yow said he was "honoroed to be asked" and will be doing some shows with Flipper! A little bit of history at this Chrome summer show in Los Angeles! Unfortunately the full performance was not captured as far as I know, the below clips are very short, but give you an idea of the performance of "TV As Eyes" that David Yow did guest vocals for! Enjoy the brief clips of the even below!

*UPDATE June 2017: The full performance is uncovered! See the first video below to see the full "TV As Eyes" from this show with David Yow on guest vocals! A nice addition to the Chrome archives!