Date: April 9, 1992
Location: Chicago, IL
Venue: Lounge Ax

Your Spaceman
Some Way Out
The Dream
The Diplomat
Nirbasion Annasion
Master Blaster
Late Bloomer
Lactating Purple
Ub The Wall
Modular Green
Martian Sperm & Bagpipes
TV As Eyes
Who Cares

EXCELLENT audience recorded show here, really one of THE best audience recorded Helios show's I've ever heard. This is from the blazing 1992 live era of Helios Creed, really some of the most intense mind-bending shows of the solo HC material were during this period. This show is excellent and everything is nice and audible in the mix, highly recommended. Put this one on and BLAST it. Be sure to check out the custom cd artwork thanks to David Graham, preview below, full-sized images within the download.

*Big Thanks To The Punk Vault for sharing this one for the archives!


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CD Artwork Preview (full res Scans inside Download link)