Date: April 27, 1999
Location: Lincoln, NE
Venue: Knickerbockers


Too Bad
Space Ride
The Descent
Lactating Purple
Who Cares
Blood Red
Kiss To The Brain
Monster Lust
Johnny B. Cool
Leaving The Body



Ok, so this is KIND of cheating when it comes to posting an "audio" recording of a live show. The original source of this is a live video but the video really is not that great - it's grainy, there's zero close-ups or anything... But any time I have put this video on I always really loved the sound quality.... While not a soundboard recording, it captures the mood of a live show for sure! And the sound quality of the music is really great - guitar is nice in the mix, the vocals are clearly audible, just enough bass, the drums sound great. And the show is freakin' awesome. We get a badass rare live version of "Space Ride" from the "Nug The Transport" album, maybe the best live version of "Blood Red" ever. Another thing I love about this show is that Helios uses samples throughout in-between the songs... just weird little snippets of maniacal laughter and radio show clips of people talking about weird shit... I think this also has THE best version of "Beef" from the album "Last Laugh" that I have EVER heard - it's the encore song and the closer and DAMN Helios just rips on the guitar in a brilliant end to a great show. SO - I captured the audio from the live video and separated it into tracks for a nice handy little cd to listen to this show, and I think you'll see it was worth it when you listen. Great artwork provided by David Graham, a friend from the U.K.  Instructions on printing the CD art below as well. ENJOY!


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CD Artwork Preview (full res Scans inside Download link)