Date: May 31, 2018
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: Kung Fu Necktie

New Age
TV As Eyes
Zombie Warfare
March of The Chrome Police
Danger Zone
In A Dream
Anorexic Sacrifice
Third From The Sun
Eyes On Mars
Administer The Treatment
Black Diamond
The Strangers

Chrome's first full U.S. tour in 20 years! This was a reason to celebrate, have a good time and in the back of my mind was also the idea of capturing something to remember the event by. So I arrived at the Kung Fu Necktie club in Philadelphia quite early having already corresponded with the sound-man assigned to the evening and on the advice of him I placed my external mic in a "sweet spot" hanging near the lip of the roof the little enclosed sound booth where the board was. First off, the show was mind-blowing to me. Up to this point, I had seen Helios perform about 12-13 times in total, but this performance was the best by far. I think my recording came out pretty sweet. Maybe a hair "hot" perhaps. I had a friend tell me that he was surprised this was an audience recording, and thought it could even be a board recording due to this. I think the recording really captures the high end nicely and that fuzzed-out guitar sound. Vocals also come through very nice. Enjoy the full audio recording along with CD artwork. Also, be SURE to check out the full live video of this incredible live Chrome show that was put together from 2 different video sources with this audio recording synced in with the video!

Recorded By: Brent Marley


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